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"Who Else Wants to Know The Hot Secret B3 Registrations from the PROS and Also SkyRocket Their Sound Creativity With The Powerful Drawbar Setting Universe Method?"

Dear Hammond fans,

Have you ever wondered how professionals B-3 players set their organs to get their special signature sound? Well you might be 3 minutes away from knowing a lot more on their settings and how to make your organ sound to a superior level in that 23 pages + of rich information structured in 3 chapters along with pictures and graphics for a visual fun and easy reading. As you might already know our famous organists are very quiet about their drawbar settings...

Well some of their secrets will be revealed to you now... You will also discover how these artists set their percussion and vibrato chorus tablets. What I have for you here is original and unusual I won't repeat the same registrations that you have seen in the past or online.


My information contains settings that only I have compiled during the last decade. I will give you these secrets in a text format like 00 7883 000 but also with real pictures of each settings on a B-3!

My e-book contains the Brian Adams B-3 sound in the song "It's Only Love" or the Gregg Allmans special fat sound plus 3 smoking hot Paul Shaffer registrations that I have seen in 1996 when he was playing with the Pointer Sisters for the Olympic Games in Atlanta Georgia.


I also have some Gregg Rolie from Santana registrations that he used in the studio and at Woodstock 1969 for the song "Soul Sacrifice" or "Oye Como Va". Did you tried to get the classic Whiter Shades of Pale organ sound without reaching it?


I know the exact setting that Mathew Fisher used then and still use in concert on his Hammond C-3. Also get a Steeve Winwood registration that he used in a live concert for the song "Roll With It". You will get some cool and HOT sounding John Lord from Deep Purple drawbar settings.


You will also get the special drawbar setting that you could hear in the song "Hungry Heart" from Bruce Springsteen where Danny Federici plays a very nice B3 solo.

What? A piano sound on my organ?

Sure! I will share a great special affect registration that many Hammond B-3 stars including Joey DeFrancesco, have used to get that percussive "piano like" sound. You will be amazed when you will try this setting!


For sure it won't sound exactly like a piano because we are still working with an organ but it will have similarities between this registration and a piano. I will show you once again with pictures and I will tell you how to set your vibrato and percussion tablets for a very creative and different Hammond sound!

What is the Drawbar Setting Universe Method?...

This is a question that I like to develop and it is probably the most interesting section of my e-Book. Have you ever felt like you were a bit limited by the drawbars? I mean you set it at 7 and it is still too much then you try 6 and it is not enough. You only have 8 clicks or volume intensity per drawbars right? Well I can show you a method where the drawbar might look a lot differently that they have been so far. Thanks to the magic of mathematic and ratio! Here is how your drawbar volume position might look like after you read that chapter in the book:























Plus many more Hammond B3 drawbars registrations that I have discovered along the years using my own Hammond that sounds very good and that I will reveal to you. This e-book is packed with more than 23+ pages of fresh and rich information but also with pictures and graphics.

You will also be able to navigate easily into the eBook because each chapters are divided in the table of contents page. It will give you the benefit of being able to skip some informations and read the chapter you prefer first by clicking on your favorite section or by using the back and next buttons located in each chapters of this manual.

Here is Some Recent Testimonial Letters From My Customers Who Bought That e-Book;


"Hey Pat,

Thanks so much for the Ebook on Hammond B-3 drawbar's terrific! Obviously you've put some real time in on this subject.  I've played a B-3 professionally for more than 35 years and it still seems like I can find new combinations....certainly your  method will take me even deeper into this lifelong study.  Many thanks and long live the Hammond B-3, the ORIGINAL SYNTHESIZER !"

Jimmy Lange, Colorado Springs, CO

(Professional organist for The Ambient Jazz Ensemble)



"Hi Pat,

I was a little dubious about buying this book because although i used to own a hammond ( I now use a clone ) I wasnt sure if it would be any good for me  but the settings work great just like the real thing. I can now get the sounds I hear played by my fav bands and players without having to fiddle around for ages plus the info is so straight forward well written and easy to understand if you own a hammond or like me a clone this is a must read and for the price its a steal!"


Allan Bishop  Staffordshire, UK




"Hi Pat,

I´m from Germany and my English is not very good. But I bought an old Hammond A102 in America an I want play with a sound like Procol harum or Spencer davis and so on.
For it was my first hammond I needed an help for the many drawbars or vibrato, chorus percussion...

So your e-book was a great help for me to exercise with the drawbars an becoming the sound I like so much.
Therefor thank you, and give us more examples in settings for the great Rock and blues songs of the years from 1960 to 1980!"
Thanks again!

Paul Gerhardt, Germany



"Hey Pat,

The drawbar settings and photos are easy to understand. Interesting information for those interested in the subtleties and nuances  of various drawbar setting combinations at different  intensity levels.

All the best,"

Kon Zissis - Melbourne Australia

(Rhythm guitar for the Cosmic Nomads band and Hammond organ owner and enthousiast)



"Hello Pat,
Well done, Pat! E-book contains many settings of the best organ players  and many useful informations about their way to play B3. It's a good guide for both beginners and  expert players. It hepls me to inspire my personal settings."

Emilio Pietro Gambogi, Italy


Why your eBook is valuable for me?

#1 You will stop guessing on your favorite drawbar settings because you will know how your favorite B-3 stars set their drawbars. You will then get a better sounding instrument which in turn will give you more pleasure and enjoyment when you play your instrument. You will also extent your registrations possibilties with the drawbar universe information.

#2 You will receive this information in the next few minutes and you will be able to start using my Hammond B-3 stars drawbar settings e-Book for you or you can print it and give it as a gift to someone you love.

#3 You will also be able to navigate easily into the eBook because each chapters are divided in the table of contents page. It will give you the benefit of being able to skip some information and read the chapter you prefer first by clicking on your favorite section or by using the back and next buttons located in each chapters of this manual.

FREE Bonus
Hammond & Leslie
Easy Tube Substitution

As a added bonus to this e-Book you will also receive a small but cool chapter on great Hammond B-3 , C-3, RT-3, A-100 D-100, D-150, D-152 and Leslie 122 tube substitutions. Nobody ever released that kind of information to you before!

You will learn how to get;

More Definition

Or maybe you think that your organ lack its definition and it is too muddy especially in the lower range of the manual and you would prefer your treble driver just to "float" over the bass speaker when you do some power glissandos? I know a trick to achieve just that in 2 minutes!

More "Growl";

Would you like to get some more Hammond distortion faster or get that fat bluesy sound? I am not talking about the trimmer capacitor here but just a minor and easy modification on your amp.


Q. Ok it sounds good but I don't have a Hammond instead I play a B-3 clone or a M-3 will this product can still help me?

A. The information included in this e-Book will be useful for any Hammond organs with drawbars or any Hammond clones. It means that the information will be useful for you if you play on a Spinet M series organ or an A-100, C-3 RT-3, BV, BCV, B-2, B-3, C-V, C-2, D-100 ect.


Since I cover the subject of drawbar settings and Leslie speakers quite a lot in my e-Book the information will still be very useful for any organist who use a Leslie and have an organ equipped with drawbars. If you don't use a Leslie and you play an organ without drawbar this product might not be very useful for you unless you intend to purchase a different equipment in the future. The tube substitution chapter is for the Hammond organ models: B-3, C-3, RT-3, A-100, D-100 & D-150.

Q. How can I download this e-Book? Is this an easy process? Should I wait for an email to come in my inbox?

A. Really easy, because right after the payment you will be redirected automatically to the download page. An email will be sent to you for your unique username and password. In 5 minutes from now you will start reading.

Q. I have a Mac does your eBook can be viewed on a Mac too?

A. Yes sure this eBook can be viewed on a Mac as well.

My 90-Day Risk Free Guarantee!

Look, I already know that what I'm revealing in this book will give you work, because I've personally tested these over and over again, and they were directly responsible for a better sounding instrument.

That's why I feel totally confident in offering you a guarantee that puts ALL of the risk on me!

Claim this eBook today. If, at any time during the next three months, you decide that the information I've given you isn't worth a great deal of information on how your drawbar works and how the stars adjust their drawbars, simply let me know and I'll promptly refund every penny of the purchase price.

No hassles and no questions asked.


Sign me up ASAP, Pat!
I want to get the B3 sound of the Pros right NOW !

I understand that:

* I will receive my eBook immediatly after my payment. In 5 minutes I will start reading!

* The information included in this eBook will cover all 3 series organ which are: B-3, C-3, RT-3 and all A-100 familly organ: A-101, A-102, A105, D-100, D-150 and D-152 and also Leslie speaker models 122 & 142.

* My investment is only $9.95 for full access to the my ebook guide.

* My order is 100% guaranteed. If I'm not satisfied within the first 90 days of receiving my handbook, I can ask for a complete refund.

* This ebook can be opened and works on both Windows PC and Mac computers.

Hot Hammond B-3 Drawbar Settings From The Stars

       Only $9.95


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