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Leslie Type 147/145 Amplifier Restoration Kit With Optional Can Capacitor

This kit will restore the original classic rich and full Leslie tone to like it was when it was new. This includes all the components that you need to restore your Leslie Type 147 amplifier back to factory fresh specification.

All vintage amplifier now needs to be rebuilt because of the aged passive components drifted from their original values thus affecting and masking the true sound and performance of the speaker.

All old style grey amplifiers need to be rebuilt and even some later style golden case also. Even some recent Hammond-Suzuki amplifiers that are just 10 years olds needs to be rebuilt in many cases.

New higher quality components will not only restore the sound they will add a touch of warmth to your sound. I have selected the best components possible for the Leslie application.

There is many reason why you should consider this kit and here is some common ones:

Amp starts to sound weak;

Amplifier now sounds mushy;

Leslie has poor highs and lows;

Amplifier blow fuses often;

Poor definition, boomy and muddy sound especially in the low range;

Amp makes funny static sound;

Amplifier makes a "hum";

The Leslie makes a "pop" when changing speed;

My 14 years experience with Leslies


My vast experience rebuilding Leslies and Hammonds will benefit you because I myself, have tested these kits over and over and each time and I always got excellent results.


The Leslie tone was dramatically improved with an added warm bass and solid treble presence giving you a full and bigger Leslie and organ sound. I can guarantee you that after installing this kit you won't believe how good your Leslie will sound.

Here is how your "New" Leslie will sound after the installation of this kit:

Amp will sound louder;

Amplifier will have a clear tone with definition;

Your Leslie will get much more bass;

Your Amplifier will now produce a solid clean treble;

Amplifier won't blow any fuses anymore;

You will get a clean definition in every range on the keyboard without that muddy and boomy sound:

Your amp won't make that funny static sound;

Your Leslie won't make that annoying  "hum" anymore;

No more unpleasant and painful "pop" when changing speed;

The Most Affordable Solution For The Best Leslie Sound Possible


You can always purchase a brand new amplifier and it will fix your problem but as you might know it will be pretty expensive. As an example brand new Leslie 147 amplifier range from $600.00 to $700.00 depending on the supplier.


You can ship your amplifier to a technician but with the labor and parts combined you should expect to pay a minimum of $350.00 to $500.00.


If you want you can always go on the hunt for the parts but it can be very frustrating too because you might have to search from place to place until you get all of your parts. I know because I did that too and it is quite of a time and gas consuming!


The price of this kit is $74.95 and way more cheaper than the other alternatives.

The Leslie 147 Restoration Kit Contains:

·           A brand new power supply 4 section capacitor (30,30,30,10 uf @ 475V) -optional-

·           All new Orange Drops Audio capacitors

·           All 5% resistors and diodes

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"Skyrocket The Performance and Sound of your Leslie With a Brand New Fresh Set of Hand Matched Leslie Dividing Network Capacitors...

Screaming Highs 

Deeper Lows  

Better Definition..."


Leslie 122/147 Dividing Network Capacitors

A $9.00 Value, Yours FREE!

  • Rebuilding a Leslie amplifier without replacing these components would be a terrible mistake!


  • Many people just ignore the fact that a Leslie cross-over needs attention for it to perform at its highest peak efficiency! 


P.S. Every components are tested so you will receive a perfect matched set.

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"Right After Your Purchase You will Receive a FREE Cross-Over Installation Instruction Guide...

...This Step-by-Step Guide will make your work Easier & Faster!

7-Page Step-By-Step Instructions.

Multiple Helpful Color Pictures.  

Additional Leslie Cross-Over Tips.

Download This Guide In the Next 5 Minutes!  

Priceless and Useful Information... ...Yours FREE!


Please Note: We offer the kit with the can capacitor and the kit without the can capacitor so it's up to you. Before ordering please double check which type of amplifier you own. If you are not sure on what to look for please check if you see one these on the left side of your amp:

Leslie 147 145 and 147A multi section can capacitor

·      If you have an old grey case amplifier like in the picture above you have this plug in capacitor.

·      If you have a later gold amplifier you might have it or not but please double check before ordering.


Count me in ASAP, Pat!
I want a BIG and FULL sounding Leslie 147, 145 NOW !

I have checked if I had the multi-can capacitor also and I am now ready to order:


Older 147 Type Amplifier With Optional Can Capacitor:

Leslie 147 & 145 capacitor diodes and resistors repair rebuilding/restoration kit

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Only $74.95


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